Matte Peepers

Until recently, I have always been a shimmery eyed type of person, loving a mix of shimmery bronzes and champagnes over the lid, but I am currently really into wearing matte eyeshadows because I think it gives a really fresh and put together look without looking like you are trying too hard. They may seem like boring choices to some, but smudge some eyeliner into those lashes or even pair it with some winged liner and you are good to go.

Even though I have just posted about ‘What’s In My MAC Eyeshadow Palette,‘ I always keep Orb eyeshadow by MAC in a single pot because I often find myself reaching for it and this way, it always fits in my makeup bag without me having to lug around my whole palette. It is a really pale neutral pink toned shadow which is perfect for sweeping over the lid to neutralise any redness you may have and make you look like the perky person that you wish you were first thing in the morning. I love wearing Orb all over the lid with Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow in the crease because it is such a soft brown colour which is the perfect colour to create some definition and some shadow in the socket of your eye. If I want to amp up the definition, I will go in with Charcoal Brown by MAC over the Urban Decay shade because it is a warm toned colour so it just adds some warmth to the eye and the while face in general. If you create an eye look and something does not look quite right but you can’t put your finger on why, just add a warm colour like this to the socket and it really does make the world of difference. If you haven’t got a colour like Charcoal Brown, take some bronzer on a fluffy brush and it works just the same! For more of an evening look, Mystery eyeshadow by MAC is great for adding to the outer corners to give your eye that nice feline appearance that we all know and love but it is also dark enough to line your lash line with if you don’t want something quite as harsh as a liquid liner.

Despite being a shimmer girl at heart, I find using matte eyeshadows is a lot less work and this combination of shadows is so quick and easy to do that it is perfect for those rushed mornings when you should have got out of bed just a tad earlier!.

Do you prefer matter eyeshadows, or shimmery ones?



6 thoughts on “Matte Peepers

  1. Love Charcoal Brown – nearly coming to the end of my pot and I think it will be the first ever eyeshadow I’ve completely used up! Love the look of Orb, looks like it would be amazing as a highlight 🙂 xx

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