A Trip To KIKO


Taking a trip to the KIKO shop really is a pleasure, there it all is just presented so beautifully and just waiting for you to go in and spend, and that it what I did! There really are so many wonderful things in there and I can’t believe how affordable all of the products are and I have rarely been disappointed with any of the products I have tried from KIKO. If you are looking to update your makeup bag on a budget then KIKO really is the right way to go.

The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the shop was this stand stacked with limited edition goodies in which I saw this Rock Idol Lipstick Pencil in 01 Jaunty Cameo, This pencil gives a matte finish so you will need to moisturise your lips before hand, but it is not the most drying pencil I have tried which I was pleased with! I just love the colour of this and when applied to the lips, it really reminds me of a lip pencil that Topshop once did in the colour Coy, if you remember the hype around that one from back in the day, but I don’t find it to be as drying as that! A simple light peachy pink which I just had to put on as soon as I did the old chip and pin. 

Whilst I was browsing through the eyeliners, as one does, I came across this Smart Eye Pencil in 800 Golden Silk . On a daily basis, if you don’t want something as harsh as a black or a dark brown in your waterline, then this is a really nice alternative because it really defines the eye but does not look over done because it is a nice golden colour which also helps the eyes look nice and awake too!


The array of nail varnishes that are in KIKO is just drool worthy, it really is. Every hue you could imagine is there that how on Earth are you meant to choose just one?! Well I managed to, I don’t know how but I did and I selected the colour 336 Electric Blue and my oh my, what a beauty she is! Two coats of this nail laquer and it is nice and opaque and I found that it wore quite well to so I am delighted with this new addition to my collection and I am going to have to try and resist going back for more because I might not know when to stop! The last purchase I made was a complete impulse that I picked up right when I was paying and it was the Brush Cleanser, because you can’t go wrong with having one on hand can you! I am really pleased with this actually because I like to change my eye looks up quite alot so this has been perfect for spot cleaning and unlike some blush cleansers I have tried, this one does not irritate my eyes after I have cleaned my brushes with it so it is an all round winner from me!

The best part about this little spree was that it was only just over 20 Euros! So I left the shop not feeling too bad and skipped out happily with my new goodies! Have you tried anything from KIKO Cosmetics? What is your favourite?



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