Nails Inc Special Effects Feather Effects Polish


When it comes to nails, sometimes it can be nice to spice it up a bit with either a new bold colour or a special effect from time to time. I have had this Nails Inc Feather Effects Polish in Edinburgh Feathers in my stash for quite sometime and have only wore it here and there, but with Easter coming up this effect just seems so appropriate and really in keeping with the theme of Spring.

The colour Edinburgh Feathers is a mixture of pastel blue and orange which, obviously you could wear on every nail but I quite like it on my accent nail along with another bright shade, . At the moment, the one true pairing of polishes for me has to be this Feather Effects polish with Essie’s A Splash of Grenadine, which I mentioned in my top five nail polishes for Spring. There is just something about this combination that makes me happy every time I look down at my hands, so if you see someone just smiling down at their hands for no reason, that is most probably me. 

The Feather Effects polish leaves a textured finished on the nail, so it is not completely smooth but it applies really easily and I didn’t find that I needed to keep layering and layering to get the desired effect which was a relief because sometimes, especially with glitter polish, you only get a few glitter particles on your nails no matter how much you layer! It seems to last really well and is a perfect addition to add on top of your favourite Spring time pastel.

Have you tried this nail polish before?



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