Wearable Colours For Eyes


Wearing colours on your eyes can be a scary thought I know, but even though I don’t think I shall be sporting anything bright purple on my peepers anytime soon, I have been enjoying incorporating a hint of subtle blues and greens into the mix. If you have found yourself stuck in a makeup rut, then maybe some of these products may inspire you to spice things up a notch, especially now with the start of a new season!

If you have recently read my What’s In My MAC Eyeshadow Palettepost, then you will be familiar with Sumptuous Olive and Contrast eyeshadows, both are very interesting shades but are not too overwhelmingly bold to be uncomfortable to wear. I think that Sumptuous Olive is such a beautiful shade for the Summer months and will complement a tan just swimmingly, even though this shadow is of a green hue, the strong golden tones running through out make it really wearable and would look lovely on those with brown eyes. Contrast is one for smoky eye lovers who are looking for something a little different for their next night on the town. This is a lovely navy colour with a satin finish which is not as harsh as a black shadow but is just something a little more unique than sticking to that same old golden brown. 

If wearing more of a coloured eyeshadow isn’t your thing but you still want to wear something a little more jazzy, then smudging one of these eyeliners along your lower lashline may be something you want to consider. Minted eyeliner by MAC is one of my favourites to whip out during the warmer months, especially on holiday because it is a gorgeous deep jewel green colour and if used sparingly, can be quite subtle yet still eye-catching. On the more blue side of things, the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay in Binge is another really nice choice, it is sadly limited edition *sniffle* but there are other blue shades in this line that do the same trick and would even look quite nice with Contrast eyeshadow that we spoke about earlier!

Do you think you will be trying a more colourful approach, or stick to the neutrals? 



2 thoughts on “Wearable Colours For Eyes

  1. 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil gets my vote! I’ve got a couple of them from Sephora. Loved the smooth glide and the way it stays on. Aside from some of the Japanese brands I had used, this is a worthy buy! 🙂 Is there any eye pencil that you absolutely love? Gel pencils are popular in South East Asia and North Asia these days.

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