Winged Liner Lovin’


Mastering winged liner is a tricky business isn’t it? The saying ‘never ask a girl with winged liner why she is late’ really hits the nail on the head! But recently, I have really been enjoying sporting the cat flick because I think it really elongates my eyes and is quite flattering, so I have taken the time to practise the art of winged liner and even though I am by no means a master, practise really does make perfect.

Let’s start by discussing the essential things that you need to have on hand before undergoing such a procedure: Liner of choice, mine happens to be the L’oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner in Pure Black. An eyeliner brush, the MAC 210 is a particular favourite for creating that fine line. Bioderma Micelle Solution and cotton buds so that we can clean up any mistakes and of course eyelash curlers to help define the eyes and your favourite mascara.


Now that we have everything that we need, let’s go over a few tips that will make this process a little bit easier: Don’t feel as though you need to do it in one slick motion because things will only get messy, take your time and use little strokes because you are more likely to get the shape you want without the mistakes. Also, don’t load the brush with product, less is more and you will get better results if you build up the intensity of the line instead of going in straight away with a load of product. If you find that gel eyeliners seem to dry out, when you are doing your liner place the pot upside down when you are not using it to avoid air getting to it so it will not dry out as fast.

Step One:

Curl your eyelashes, I like to do this first because if I do this as a last step, I end up smudging all of the hard work I have done! Then take some product on the brush and draw a fine line across your top lashes. I like to start from the outer corners because then the line is automatically thicker there and thinner as we work our way in which is what we want for that feline look:


Step Two:

Once you are happy with your line, draw a dot where you want your flick to end. An easy way to do this is to follow the natural line of your lower lash line, then your dot will be the perfect place:


Step Three:

Join the dot to the line along your lash line and fill it in. Remember not to have too much product on your brush because your line will be much neater, you can always go back in later to intensify the colour.


Step Four:

If you have made any mistakes, go in with your Bioderma on a cotton bud and clean up any mistakes to sharpen up the line, add a few coats of mascara and Voilà:


I hope this was helpful and remember to take your time and practise, practise and practise some more.

Do you like wearing winged liner too?



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