My Benefit Beauty Essentials


Benefit really do have some crackers in their cosmetics line, and even though there have been a few products that I have not got along with, *cough* BADgal Waterproof Mascara *cough* there are a few that I honestly could not live without and that I use almost everyday! If you are in need of those all important daily essentials and are still struggling to find ‘the ones’, you should look over in this direction because these products are worthy of fulfilling those needs. 

The Benefit the POREfessional is popular for a reason, it honestly makes pores look completely minimised before your very eyes as if it were magic! It is a perfect base for your foundation to glide on top and makes your skin one step closer to flawlessness. I find the most effective way to apply this is to pat it in the areas where you feel as though you need it, for me that is around the sides of my nose and chin, and then gently smoothing it over. I find that this method is more effective than rubbing it in because you get more desirable results.

The Erase Paste by Benefit is no stranger among these parts as I have spoken about it many a time before, as it is perfect for cancelling out those ghastly dark circles that you get when you have stayed up too late the night before because you were too engrossed in watching Scandal (which is something you all must watch!). Anyway, it is a pink toned concealer which helps to counteract the blue and I use a small dab of this under each eye before concealer to really give the illusion of well rested eyes, but be careful not to use too much otherwise it will crease, a small dab is all you need.

Keeping in theme with the well rested eyes, another essential just has to be the Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener Pencil, a light pink toned eyeliner which cancels out any redness you may have so that your eyes look more alert and awake, something that we all need come Monday morning I’m sure. 

These products will forever be in my makeup stash and I love them all dearly. Now I just need to get my hands on the Gimme Brow…

What are your favourite products for Benefit?



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