The Perfect Nude Polish For Pale Skin


Nude colours on the nails are so flattering because they really elongate the fingers and are appropriate for any and every occasion. But, finding the right shade of nude for your skin tone can be quite the challenge because in my days of nail painting, some shades have made my hands look disturbingly corpse-like. O.P.I’s My Very First Knockwurst was a game changer for me because it suits my fair skin tone like no other.

This colour is quite difficult to describe, but the mixture of nude, beige with the most slightest hint of purple/pink undertones (I like to think of it is as a bare flush sort of colour) are just so flattering against fair skin. This lasts a good 4-5 days without looking chipped and worn, plus it applies so creamy and opaque that it is a joy to have in my collection and I love it the more that I use it. I know that this shade is more suited to us fairer skinned lasses because when I applied this after fake tanning, once upon a time, I hated the way it looked against my orange tanned hands, so this is most definitely a keeper for paler days and one to look out for if you are having trouble tracking down your perfect nude nail polish.

What is your favourite shade of nude?



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Nude Polish For Pale Skin

  1. I’m definitely going to try that one out because I’ve been on the hunt for some pretty nude nail polishes for the past couple of months. I just recently did a post on a nude nail polish I love called Doutzen’s Nude from the L’Oreal Privee collection. You should try it if you can find it because it seems to be very similar your description of OPI’s My Very First Knockwurst.

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