The Scent Of Spring


No outfit is complete without a spritz of your favourite perfume, agree? But choosing the right one can be quite the decision because everyone has different tastes and the scent must, of course, be suitable for the season. Enter Valantino Valantina Eau de Parfum, the perfect Spring time fragrance.

When shopping for a perfume things can get a little hazy, what with you spraying various scents all over you until eventually everything smells the same and before you know it, you have a perfume headache. However, the story was different with this bottle of heavenly goodness. There I was, casually admiring the beautifully chic and floral bottle in John Lewis, so I thought I would give it a sniff and a spray on my wrist. Having done that, I had to dash off elsewhere but later on that day, I was in awe of the smell that was on my wrist that I just had to go back and buy it!

To me, this perfume is floral but not overpowering in the slightest with it’s fresh and clean smelling qualities too. This perfume was apparently inspired by a bouquet of flowers but it is balanced out with the warmth of amber and cederwood, which makes the scent so feminine and such a pleasure to wear. If you like fresh and floral fragrances, you need to give this a whiff next time you pass it because it really is something, not to mention the wonderful decorative quality it will add to your dressing table!

Have you tried the Valentino Valantina Eau De Parfum? What is your favourite fragrance for Spring?



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