‘My Lips But Better’


You always hear the term ‘my lips but better,’ but what does it actually mean? What is the point of having a product the same colour as your lips? Well my friends, I am here to tell you that there is a point because, exactly, you don’t want a product the same colour as your lips, you want something better! There is a different shade out there to suit everyone because not everybody is going to suit the same thing. This type of lip product is the most necessary thing to have in your makeup bag because it is so natural and effortless and can give you that ‘girl next door’ look and who doesn’t want that?

I would like to start by mentioning Peach Blossom lipstick by MAC because it is one of my favourites to achieve a ‘my lips but better’ look, but I sadly broke it so I could not photograph it, it is a very sad time *violins playing.* But don’t panic, you can read all about it here. This brings me on to my next product, the Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine in Pink Clip, as it is more or less the lip gloss version of MAC’s Peach Blossom. This is by far my favourite lip gloss discovery because it gives you the most gorgeous sheen on the lips but it is not sticky and so easy to apply! Worn on it’s own it provides a juicy appearance and just enhances the pink tones in the lips, it is just beautiful!

The next two lipsticks are more on the rosy side of things and really bring out the English Rose in me: first up is the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour in Hibiscus, can I just say first of all how these lipsticks in general are so nice! If you have never tried one of these Bobbi Brown lipsticks you really need to try them out because holy mackerel, they are good. This colour I have here in Hibiscus is a really natural rosy pink colour that gives your face a very fresh appearance, perfect for natural ‘no makeup makeup’ days. Next up is MAC’s lipstick in Brave, which is more of a deeper rosy pink with a beigey undertone. I like to wear this more in the winter time to give my lips a flushed look and it is more of an autumnal shade on my fair skin, but this would be fabulous choice as a natural lip colour for someone with darker skin.

Last but not least is the budget option of the bunch, and I have to say that it is fast becoming one of my new favourites! It is the L’oreal Collection Privée Colour Riche lipstick in Julianne’s Nude, a wonderful option for those on the fairer side because it doesn’t have any brown in it, which I find looks a little off on me sometimes. It is a natural pink that literally is ‘my lips but better’ and it looks so lovely on the lips and even better paired with the Guerlain lipgloss we talked about earlier!

What is your favourite natural lipstick?



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