The Mid-Week Pamper


Why is it that when Wednesday rolls around, the tiredness and the longing for the weekend already kicks in? I say, that as a way of keeping ourselves pepped and perky for those few days left before the weekend, we should give ourselves a mid-week pamper. That way, Wednesdays don’t feel so bad because we can look forward to those mid-week treats at the end of a long day to make ourselves feel refreshed and relaxed. So why not run yourself a bath and enjoy some of these pampering essentials.

No one does bath-time treats better than Soap and Glory and The Breakfast Scrub is no exception! It is something that I am très excited about right now because it literally smells like heaven in a tub! If you like oats and maple syrup and just all things that smell good, then there is a space for this in your bathroom. It is sweet but not sickly sweet and it makes your skin so smooth and silky that it is an absolute must-have this Summer to prep your pins for the sunny weather, or not as the case may be here in the UK but nevertheless, this scrub is still a must-have! After using this delicious scrub, then the Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter is just the cherry on top because it (again) smells just so good and leaves you with soft and supple skin.

There is no better time to use a good face mask than when you are relaxing in the bath, is there? I am currently giving the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment a go and I must say, that it does a very good job of giving those pores a good old clear out! For the first few minutes it tingles ever so slightly but nothing too intense and my skin is noticeable smoother after using it.

No pampering session is complete if we haven’t tended to our feet. I feel like a lot of people neglect their feet but it is important to keep them in tip top shape along with everything else, especially because the sandles will be making an appearance soon! The thisWorks Perfect Heels Rescue Balm is a thick and rich product that is just right for slapping onto your tootsies before bed because you wake up in the morning with the softest feet that deserve to be shown off!

What are your favourite mid-week pampering treats?



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