Top Five: Revlon Nail Polishes


Revlon is where it’s at when it comes to nail polishes because the range of shades are so classic and easy to wear, they cater to almost everyone! When you look at the choice that there is in front of you, you are greeted with chic and elegant shades that suit whatever tickles your fancy, while still looking put together at the same time. Out of all of the colours that are available in the Revlon Nail Enamels, there are five in particular that are always lurking either on my fingers or toes.

When the sun is out and sizzling, nothing can be better than One Perfect Coral, as it seems to somehow it seems to make your hands look more tanned than they are and is just a really eye catching shade. Cherries In The Snow is the most recent amongst my stash and it is probably my pick of the bunch! It is possible that the adorable name is a factor of why it is my favourite, but it really is a lovely raspberry pinky/red that is complimentary for anyone and everyone and I can’t believe that I used to be without it! In the same colour family we have Seductive, the deeper sister of Cherries In The Snow and it is just perfect to wear in the evening time, the perfect date night polish if you ask me! Going deeper still we have Bewitched (spooky), a very dark polish that leans on the purple side of things. In my opinion, this colour is an absolute staple because it is such a classic shade that just always works, whatever the weather. Lastly, we have Charmed, a pastel purple that is just right for this time of year and unlike many light shades such as this, it is opaque in two coats. Did I mention that I love Revlon nail polishes?

What is your favourite shade?



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