Blowing Raspberries


 Blowing raspberries? Don’t be so rude! I am actually referring to the beautiful colour that raspberry is when it comes to cosmetics. The parfait ‘matchy matchy’ colour because it is a great nail colour and lip colour to wear in combination with each other as it is not as intense and intimidating as wearing a red. I realised I had a problem when I came home really excited after buying a new raspberry coloured nail varnish, only to discover I already had four which were exactly the same colour, don’t you hate it when that happens…

That very nail varnish, the product that made me admit my raspberry hoarding ways was Essie’s Watermelon. This is just so glossy and opaque and such an elegant colour to have on the nails which is appropriate for every season and every occasion. Now, Revlon’s Cherries In The Snow Nail Enamel is another raspberry option which gives the same effect. Do you need both? No, but if you are a raspberry wearing kind of gal then why not have both of these because they are ever so. ever so slightly different, therefore it is acceptable. 

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets really have taken the beauty community by storm and the colour Olé Flamingo really fits the bill when it comes to my raspberry loving ways. These really are like velvet on lips because they are matte looking without being drying or enhancing dryness. if you want reliable and long-lasting colour then these bad boys really are the way forward. If you are in the mood for something a little more luxurious then what else would you go for other than a Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick? The colour Palpitante is a little less pink than the Bourjois offering and more of a rich raspberry red shade, but is beautiful none the less!

Do you like sporting the raspberry look?



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