Jo Malone Wild Bluebell


You know the feeing when you are just craving to have a new fragrance, to add to the many others you have collecting dust on your dressing table? You sniff and whiff your way around the shops for hours, then the headaches begin. Everything smells the same, nothing sits well on your skin, but then…you find Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne. 

Jo Malone is just such an inviting environment isn’t it? everything bottled beautifully and neatly tied in a bow, ah and it smells so heavenly. There I was smelling away to my nostrils content, some familiar favourite scents and some that didn’t quite tickle my fancy, but wait what is this I smell? Wild Bluebell, oh my, why I hadn’t given this one a look before baffles me because it is just so darn delicious! Now, this scent is listed under the light floral category and usually I can sometimes find florals quite heady and overpowering, for example Marc Jacobs Daisy *bleugh*, but this is so fresh and delightful to the nose. The base note of white musk stops this from being too strong and really gives a clean and soft tone to it. 

This is just the ticket for a light fragrance during these hot summer months and I am even considering the 30ml size so I can have it with me at all times, as carrying around the big bottle in a handbag can take it’s toll on one’s shoulder. Oh well, at least I smell nice!

What is your favourite Jo Malone scent?



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