Become A Summer Goddess


Let’s set the scene, you are on a beach with bright white sand and a shimmering turquoise sea, the sun is setting and the palm trees are swaying in the breeze. That’s a thought isn’t it? This description does not quite match my pale skin which favours the lobster look rather than a J-Lo glow. But don’t fear fellow pale ones, these products are perfect for cheating your way to achieving the ultimate summer goddess look which will have people wondering which tropical island you have been jet-setting to!

We all have an embarrassing fake tan story or two to share with one another I’m sure, but we will save that for another day. A fake tan that will save you any traumatic stories is the St.Tropez Bronzing Lotion, I have used the mousse in the past but this is just so much better! It hardly smells in my opinion and it gives such a natural looking tan that fades really evenly over time and is just a must have for releasing the bronzed goddess in you! Now that we have tanned the body, we need to get some colour into those chops which is where the Wild About Beauty Golden Skin Glow comes into play. This has a gel-like consistency that is just right for applying before foundation to warm up the complexion. When you first put this on it does look a bit much so you have to be quite persistent with this product and really work it and blend it into the skin and it gives a really lovely golden glow to the face!

Out of all of the products we are talking about here, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze is my top pick of the bunch, it is an essential for Summer. use this on your cheeks and décolletage on a summer evening out and it will transform your skin into glowing gorgeousness! The warm tones and shimmer in this make it such a wonder product, it can even double up as eyeshadow shades! However I wouldn’t go in this direction if you are looking for something to give you a subtle sheen because this is just full on glow! Speaking of glow, the Seventeen Skin Wow is a liquid highlighter that you can mix in with your foundation or, my favourite way to use it in the Summer is to add it to my moisturiser then apply that on my legs and shoulders because it gives your skin such a beautiful appearance that makes it look as though you have just waltzed out of a music video.

Now let’s talk eyeshadow because for me, nothing says Summer goddess like Woodwinked eyeshadow by MAC. Rich and warm golden goodness in a little pot that compliments a tan like no other! Another eyeshadow that is really lovely for summer is Sumptuous Olive by MAC because it is a really interesting golden green colour that is a good addition to your makeup bag for the Summer. 

Make your sallow pale skin a distant memory and release the bronzed summer goddess in you!



8 thoughts on “Become A Summer Goddess

  1. Hi Alice, I love the summer bronzy glow! The St Tropez lotion sounds idea, I have a sample bootle at home somewhere that I should use. Do you use your hand or a tanning mitt?


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