Adding To The Skincare Stash


My skincare routine was fine, it was consistent, I didn’t need anything else but that still didn’t hold me back, I just had to have some more! I found some things I love some that I am not so sure about but let’s just say that one can never have too much in the skincare stash!

Let’s start with the love, the product that exceeded expectations and I just know will be a staple from now on: the Kiehls Ultra Face Cream and oh what a face cream it is! since using this at night time it has cleared up every dry patch in sight, evened out the texture of skin and has just given in an overall healthy appearance. This cream is really emollient so even though the tub may seem small, it should last you a while because you do not need for your whole face. I have even turned my Mum and Sister on the stuff, seriously it’s addictive!

Next on the hit list is the Decléor Aroma Purete Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid. I am not crazy about this because it is quite thick and I prefer something to feel lighter when the weather is a little on the sweltering side, but it gave my face a nice matte base ready for makeup so it is a good one to keep around for the summertime! Another moisturiser which I slightly prefer because it feels a little lighter on the skin, is the Sanctuary Illuminating Moisture Lotion with SPF 15. This is a pleasant moisturiser to use for the day time as it makes your face look fresh and healthy, plus it doesn’t break the bank!

The last product that I have added to my stash is the Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45 PA +++, I have taken this away with me on holiday to use as my facial protection and I love it! It is so light and does not in the slightest feel thick and greasy and once it sinks into the skin it genuinely feels like nothing is there. It doesn’t clog my pores and my face was fully protected and did not burn at all. If you are going away in the Summer and need a facial SPF, this one is top notch!

After this, I think it is safe to say that my stash is well and fully stocked and I shall not be needing anything else anytime soon! Well, until the next time I am cruising the isles of Boots of course…



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