Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Guava


You know the saying, once you buy one Bobbi Brown Lipstick you can’t go back. There is something about Bobbi Brown lipsticks that just keeps you wanting to go back for more! This Rich Lip Colour in Guava is most certainly no exception and something that you should consider buying for those Summer BBQ and cocktail night’s on a warm August evening. But you will be hooked on these lipsticks once you get your hands on this, you have been warned.

I have been a fan of these Rich Lip Colours for a while now, so I was delighted when my Mum gave me this lipstick fresh from the packet once she had decided she didn’t like the colour on her when she got home after buying it. Thanks Ma. Anyway, of course I immediately took to my mirror to take this baby for a test drive and I have never looked back since.

First of all, I love these lipsticks because they give you a full coverage of colour without feeling dry and heavy and just wear so well on the lips. But the colour Guava really is something special. It’s a really warm colour that just screams Summer and it is a gorgeous mix between pink, coral and red. Perfect for the evenings, perfect with a tan, perfect to take on holiday. It’s just, well…perfect.


Are you tempted by this lipstick?



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