The Experiment: Mixing Lipsticks


The biggest decision a girl must make every morning: what lipstick shall I wear? There you stand, rifling through your makeup bag, you have the perfect colour in mind, but even though you own so many lipsticks you just can’t seem to find what you are looking for. Then something hits you, an amazing idea! How about you mix the lipsticks you have to create the perfect lip colour? Genius.

Mixing lipsticks is a really good way to make sure you use more of your lip products and make the most out of them, especially the bright colours. My favourite thing to do is apply a bright pink or a mid-toned pink colour and then a nude lipstick on top and dab with my finger to make sure the colour is evenly blended. By doing this you can make bright lipsticks that may not be suitable for everyday, more wearable and create a colour that is specific and unique to you. My nude lip colour of choice to add over the top of any bright or deep colour to make it more wearable has to be Creme D’ Nude by MAC because it is really and creamy and makes blending the colours together on the lips really easy.

If you would prefer to preserve the appearance of your lipsticks and keep them in tact, then swatch the colours on the back of your hand and mix them together with a lip brush and then either apply your creation with your finger or the brush, voilà!

So go on, give it a try and make use out of those bright colours that are collecting dust and make them perfect for everyday wear.

Do you ever mix your lipsticks?



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