The New Brush In Town


Ever catch yourself gazing at the brushes at the Bobbi Brown counter? Ever sneakily stroked them while you hope that the shop assistants aren’t looking? Sadly, I happen to be guilty of both of these things, especially when it came down to the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush because this brush truly is a makeup marvel. Go and give it a stroke next time you are passing and guarantee you will be a new proud owner of this brush.

Where do I begin? First of all, the handle on this brush is just so satisfying to hold because it feels so sturdy and smooth so even before I used it for the first time, I already loved it. The brush itself is so soft that I find myself just sweeping my face with it whenever I get the chance, clearly I have too much time on my hands. It applies blush like none other because it fits the cheek just beautifully and applies the perfect amount of colour to the cheek in one clean swipe! It doesn’t feel scratchy on the skin in the slightest and, most importantly, it doesn’t shed. This is something that I really appreciate in a brush because there is actually nothing worse that walking around with a brush hair on your cheek looking like you have forgotten to pluck something beastly that morning (what a horrific thought!).

If you want to get a staple brush for your collection then this brush is calling your name because you could use it for both powder and bronzer as well. Being such good quality and a joy to use, you will absolutely get your money’s worth and will never look back, I am telling you! So go on, buy it, you know it makes sense…





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