The Nail Polishes Worth The Splurge


Nail polish lovers listen up! I’m going to put it out there and say that your nail polish bag, drawer,cupboard or whatever it may be, is not complete without at least one luxury nail polish. Now, there are many an expensive nail offering on the market, some good, some not so good. But if you are wanting to splash out on a real nail treat then head on over to a Dior counter.

The luxe bottles, the wide brush, the impeccable formula and the magical array of colours are just naming a few of the qualities that you get when investing in the loveliness that is a Dior Nail Lacquer. Whenever I am going away or need my nail polish to last, I will always reach for one of my Dior nail polishes because they last for about a week on me without chipping *clapping emoji*. They are so easy to apply because of the wide brush that it cuts the time it takes to paint your nails in half! If that’s not enough, they have some classic colours that will be forever chic, Rouge 999 being one of my favourites, and they always come out with some new gorgeous colours at the turn of every season which I can never say no to because they are just…so beautiful I am speechless! 

They will set you back about £18 a pop but you can’t go wrong if well lacquered hands and feet are your thang! Worth the splurge? Absolutely, positively, 100% worth the splurge!

Have you tried Dior nail polishes before?



5 thoughts on “The Nail Polishes Worth The Splurge

  1. I’ve never tried any polishes from Dior, but I do have one from Chanel, and it will be the only one I buy – it has such an awful formula, it chips within a day or two, and I know it’s not just mine or that color because my friend has one and hers chips and my mom has a couple and they all chip – such a bummer. Maybe I should be trying out Dior instead . . .

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