Become A Summer Goddess


Let’s set the scene, you are on a beach with bright white sand and a shimmering turquoise sea, the sun is setting and the palm trees are swaying in the breeze. That’s a thought isn’t it? This description does not quite match my pale skin which favours the lobster look rather than a J-Lo glow. But don’t fear fellow pale ones, these products are perfect for cheating your way to achieving the ultimate summer goddess look which will have people wondering which tropical island you have been jet-setting to!

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Blowing Raspberries


¬†Blowing raspberries? Don’t be so rude! I am actually referring to the beautiful colour that raspberry is when it comes to cosmetics. The parfait ‘matchy matchy’ colour because it is a great nail colour and lip colour to wear in combination with each other as it is not as intense and intimidating as wearing a red. I realised I had a problem when I came home really excited after buying a new raspberry coloured nail varnish, only to discover I already had four which were exactly the same colour, don’t you hate it when that happens…

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Update Your Makeup Bag On A Budget


Who says that updating your makeup bag has to cost you a small fortune? There are some serious gems when it comes to affordable makeup that making a big dent in your bank balance need not be an issue. After doing a bit of a ‘drugstore sweep’ last week, some new goodies have been discovered as well as returning to some old favourites to give the makeup bag a shake up. If you are looking for some new products to match up with this sunny weather, then all you need to know is right here…

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